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Little girl in moving box, moving to temporary housingMoving to a new city or relocating for a job can be stressful, especially when you’re looking for temporary housing in your transition. Let Uptown Suites take that stress away by offering you a comfortable place with low rates for your family during your move. We even provide pet-friendly rooms (for an affordable pet fee) so the furry member of the family can safely and comfortably move with you.


Uptown Suites rooms all feature full kitchens, storage space, workspace, and smart HDTVs. Enjoy the comforts of home as you relocate or transition into your new home in a new city. Through our Blueprint RF partner we’ve secured free, class-leading Wifi for all our guests. Convenience, connection, and your comfort are of our highest priority!


Below you will find a helpful “Before You Move Checklist” of items that you should consider when moving to a new city.


Before You Move Checklist:

  • Strategize Your Travel – Will you be flying and shipping your possession or will you make a road trip? This will determine the extra steps you need to take with preparing.
  • Strategize Your Packing – Do you need a moving service or shipping containers? Will you pack and haul yourself? Things to think about before making your big move.
  • Garage Sale – Make your load a little lighter by getting rid of the old or unnecessary items.
  • Take Inventory – It’s a great idea to take an inventory of all your possessions before moving so that any mishaps in hauling can be remedied.
  • Secure Temporary Housing – That’s where Uptown comes in, let us make it easy and stress-free for you and your family.
  • Find A Storage Facility – When it comes to relocating, you may need a temporary storage solution. It’s always a good idea to find a nearby storage facility in your new city.
  • Hire Movers – Moving is a big job! Sometimes having help is worth adding movers to the relocation budget.
  • Secure Car Shipping – If you plan on driving the moving truck, or flying to your relocation destination, you’ll want to secure a car shipping service.
  • Cancel Utilities and Services – Be sure to let your cable/internet, water, electric, and any other home providers know you need to cancel or transfer your services to a new location.


Helpful Nationwide Moving Services

Car Shipping Services:

A-1 Auto Transport


Global Auto Transportaion

Movers Services:

Two Men And A Truck

Moving APT



Container Shipping Services:




Self-Storage Facilities:

Extra Space Storage

Public Storage

Life Storage