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Little girl in moving box, moving to temporary housing

Finding inexpensive housing for a new job is stressful, but with a few smart choices, your relocation can be the smooth, fresh start you’ve been looking for. Whether you’ve landed your dream job in a new city or you’re moving to an area with more career opportunities, the first thing you’ll need to figure out is where you’ll stay. Whether or not this endeavor is funded by your new boss, choosing Uptown Suites for stable, reliable temporary housing during this time is key to a successful, hassle-free transition. 

How To Find Temporary Housing When Relocating

Hiring a real estate agent to find corporate relocation housing is one option, but that can result in expensive broker fees or a long-term commitment before you’re ready. Standard hotels aren’t adequate for more than a night or two, and the rates and restaurant meals can add up quickly. That’s why an extended stay hotel near your new job is the best solution for a relocation. These properties are fully furnished, comfortable, and budget-friendly, plus reservations can be made for a week at a time. Browse Uptown Suites extended stay hotel locations in popular metro areas to find inexpensive  housing that bridges the gap between an apartment and a hotel.  

Extended Stay Hotels for Relocation Housing

If you’re worried about relocation, temporary housing at Uptown Suites helps simplify any move. As you transition to a new town, we’ll make you feel at home because convenience, connection, and comfort are our highest priorities. Enjoy apartment-like amenities and furnishings in every extended stay suite, including a full kitchen, extra storage space, a workspace, and a smart HDTV, plus super-fast Wifi to research schools, make appointments, and find long-term housing from the comfort of your suite. Our dog-friendly accommodations welcome your pooch to stay for an affordable fee as long as you agree to the pet policy at Uptown Suites. Each property offers a 24/7 gym and laundry facility, and parking is free. For questions about your stay or about your new hometown, our friendly front desk staff is available anytime. 

Get Ready for Relocation: Temporary Housing Tips

If your new home isn’t ready to move into yet or you haven’t located the right house or apartment, finding flexible housing can save you a lot of headaches—and money. Don’t miss an opportunity because of a short-term lease and contract penalties. Instead, let Uptown Suites host your stay for as long as you need, lease-free. It’s easy to renew reservations online when plans change. Once lodging is secured at Uptown Suites, the rest of the logistics will fall into place. 

Plan Carefully for Relocation Housing

Whether you’re hitting the road solo or with a family in tow, planning ahead can make a big difference. Make a to-do list and review it carefully so nothing is overlooked during this transition. After securing temporary housing at Uptown Suites, plan the rest of your move using these starters:

  • Coordinate Travel – Will you move all your possessions to a storage facility upon arrival, or will you bring only the essentials to start? This will shed light on whether you need a moving truck right away.
  • Strategize Packing – Things to think about before making a big move: What will you need access to? Does storage need to be portable? Will you pack and haul yourself? 
  • Hold a Garage Sale – Getting rid of old or unnecessary items can make moving more efficient.
  • Take Inventory – It’s a great idea to take an inventory of household possessions and furniture before moving so that any mishaps during transport can be remedied.
  • Find a Storage Facility – When it comes to relocating, having affordable temporary storage is essential for keeping the extras you won’t need right away, especially when your housing is furnished.
  • Hire Movers – Moving is a big job! Sometimes having help is worth adding movers to the relocation budget.
  • Facilitate Car Transport – Those who plan on driving the moving truck may need to rely on a second driver to get their car to the final destination. 
  • Cancel Utilities and Services – Notify cable/internet, water, electric, and any other providers to cancel services, and don’t worry about transferring these just yet because they are included at Uptown Suites.

Bring Only the Essentials

Packing for a temporary move is hard enough, so make it easier on yourself and choose a furnished Uptown Suites property for relocation. Put large items and bulky furniture in storage and wait to move them until you’re fully settled into a long-term rental. Each furnished suite includes an in-room kitchen with a full-size refrigerator, microwave, two burner stop top,  and Keurig coffee maker. All suites also include comfortable bedding, work area, table with seating, and a large HDTV, so any immediate need is covered. The basics you should bring for a temporary stay at Uptown Suites include essential cookware; dishes and cutlery; personal toiletries; any must-have electronic devices, like a cellphone, laptop or tablet, and charging cords; and clothing. Our suites have plenty of storage space for these necessities, plus cupboards for groceries and other expendables. 

Set a Budget for Relocation Housing

Even if your new employer is footing some of the relocation costs, you still don’t want to be strapped for cash in a new city. Select a budget and stick to it, keeping any current and future needs in mind. Choosing Uptown Suites’ affordable temporary housing can help you get off to a good start. Unlike an apartment, we won’t charge fees for applications or credit checks, and all utilities are bundled into our weekly rates. Plus, booking directly with us means you’ll get our best rate, guaranteed. You will appreciate these money-saving decisions later because relocation housing is taxable, so any money your company pitches in for lodging, movers, and transportation counts as income at the end of the year.
Instead of letting the stress of relocation and temporary housing overshadow an exciting new career or opportunity, choose Uptown Suites. Our furnished, move-in ready accommodations provide all the comforts you need to get settled. For business owners recruiting new talent, Uptown Suites group travel rates keep your bottom line in mind while giving new employees excellent corporate relocation housing.