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Even though many couples will be celebrating Valentine’s Day at home this year, there are plenty of ways to make the day special, memorable, and fun. 

When February 14th falls on a weekday, staying in may be your only option, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it special. Whether you’re enjoying a day date or an evening with loved ones, at-home activities can make Valentine’s Day fun and fit within any schedule, and there are tons of in-person and virtual options to try. 

1|Breakfast in Bed for Your Valentine
A couple having breakfast in bed for Valentine's Day

A benefit of spending Valentine’s Day at home is being able to enjoy a delicious breakfast in bed. You could make this special meal for your sweetheart, for your kids, or prepare it for yourself and climb back in bed to savor every bite. There are lots of heart-shaped waffle makers to purchase online, or get creative and make pancakes into whatever shape you choose. Simply pour the pancake batter into a zip-top plastic bag, and then cut one of the bottom corners. Use this funnel to make heart-shaped pancakes. 

Another way to make your Valentine’s Day breakfast special is using a heart-shaped cookie cutter on all of your breakfast items like toast and sausage patties.

2| Picnic Lunch With Loved OnesA couple having a picnic lunch on Valentine's Day

Being home on Valentine’s Day can inspire creative day-dates you couldn’t go on if you were vacationing away. If your significant other or best friend has to work on Valentine’s Day, surprise them on their lunch break with a picnic lunch in tow. Spread out a blanket under a tree, and enjoy a special lunch together.

If the weather is still chilly where you are, celebrate Valentine’s Day with an indoor picnic at home or in the break room at work. Make a delicious homemade lunch or grab takeout from your favorite restaurant. Dress the table with a fun picnic tablecloth, and enjoy a scrumptious meal together.

3| Home-Cooked Dinner for TwoA couple making dinner together at home on valentine's day

Scrap the typical Valentine’s Day dinner at a romantic restaurant and create your own special meal at home. This is your chance to try something new or surprise your partner with one of their all-time favorite meals. There are plenty of recipes online for chefs of any experience level. To make the dinner even more special, cook it together. And, you can still be fancy—get all dressed up and enjoy your romantic restaurant-quality dinner at home.

This idea is also great for friends who’d like to celebrate together. Each of you can make a few of your favorite dishes to share, potluck-style. Remember, Valentine’s Day is about telling your favorite people that you care about them.

4| Recreate a Special Date at HomeA couple recreating a special date from the past at home for Valentine's Day this year.

While you can’t travel back in time, you can recreate a special date at home. Choose one of your favorite events from the past and use it as this year’s Valentine’s Day theme. This could be your first date together or the first anniversary you and your sweetheart celebrated. If you had dinner out, get takeout from the same restaurant or cook something similar yourselves. If you saw a movie together, find that movie online to watch again.   

Sharing memories from your past is a great way to rediscover your spouse or partner and fall in love all over again. Take the time during your date to talk about all of your favorite memories together, or plan out future trips or dates.

5| Romance-Movie Marathon on the CouchA couple having a romantic movie marathon on Valentine's Day.

For those staying home this Valentine’s Day, a movie marathon is one of the best ideas for spending the night in. Most movies (old and new) can be found online for free or rented using platforms like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and Amazon Prime. And don’t forget the popcorn!

Cuddle up and catch all your favorite romantic comedies from over the years with your spouse or partner. Or, invite friends to your home and take turns picking favorite movies. Even if it’s just you this Valentine’s Day, enjoying a cozy day on the couch watching movies is a great way to show yourself some love.

6| At-Home Self-Care and Spa DayA bubble bath set up with candles to treat yourself this Valentine's Day.

Valentine’s Day is a great day for some extra TLC, and being at home means you can check off all your favorite self-care activities. Run a warm bubble bath, enjoy a box of decadent chocolates, and get your favorite food delivered. 

Other ways to practice self-care from the comfort of your home include learning a new skill, giving yourself a beauty makeover, or shopping online. You won’t regret a day spent pampering yourself.

7| Game Night at HomeFriends having game night on Valentine's Day.

Host a game night and invite all your favorite people to gather at your home for heart-racing competition. Invite couples, singles, and friends to play board games, cards, or video games, or look for Valentine’s Day-themed games online. Break out the snacks and have fun connecting with those you love.

8| Explore the Great Outdoors in Your NeighborhoodA couple delighting in the great outdoors on Valentine's Day.

Even if you aren’t able to venture far from home for Valentine’s Day, you can still enjoy outdoor adventures in your neighborhood. Take a hike, walk, or bike ride with your special someone or a friend—the solo time can spark intimate conversations and deepen your connection. Plus, the fresh air and physical exercise will do wonders for your mood, and your furry friend can come along too. Try a new park in your city or discover a path in your neighborhood. You may even come across some awesome photo-worthy spots to snap a new picture with your loved ones.

9| Take a Virtual Class from HomeA couple taking a virtual cooking class on Valentine's day.

Stay in the comfort of your home while trying something totally new with a virtual class. This activity gives you and your loved ones a chance to enjoy something together—from any distance! Invite friends from another state to join you virtually, or gather with friends or couples from your neighborhood to take a class as a group.

If you’re the creative type, a virtual painting class allows you to create a beautiful piece of art right in your kitchen. There are also virtual mixology classes available so you and your sweetheart can learn how to craft delicious cocktails to toast each other at home. Or check out an online cooking class to sharpen your skills with your spouse and learn a new dish together.

How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Nashville

If you live in Nashville, or you’re staying at our Smyrna Tennessee Uptown Suites, celebrate your loved one with songs and gifts delivered right to your door. This Valentine’s Day, Music City Chorus will sing two sweet love songs and deliver roses and chocolates to any area home, starting at $35. Virtual delivery is also available. Register for your singing valentine online to reserve your spot and sweep your valentine off his or her feet with this thoughtful gift.

How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Charlotte

Love birds in Charlotte looking to stay in are in luck this year. Whether you live in the area or you’re calling our Uptown Suites in Charlotte your home away from home, you can treat your loved one to a fabulous dinner and dessert, without cooking a thing. Select a Table & Twine’s Valentine’s Day meal or any of their easier heat-and-eat kits to prepare in your home or suite. If you’re feeling extra swanky, opt for the cocktail kit too. Head to Villani’s Bakery where everything is served to-go to pick up authentic Italian desserts from cream puffs to cannolis, and finish Valentine’s Day on a sweet note.

How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Austin

Being in Austin for Valentine’s Day gives you lots of options for going out or staying in. Even if you splurge on a fancy, romantic meal or gift, you’ll find tons of cheap entertainment to make the rest of your celebration awesome. Play disc golf at any of the many courses, take a stroll through the Zilker Botanical Gardens for just $8 each, or head to any of the local lounges for a cocktail and free live music. If you’re looking for an Austin getaway, the Uptown Suites downtown or our extended stay in Round Rock won’t break your budget, and you and your sweetheart will be near lots of inexpensive yet romantic things to do.

How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Denver

When staying home and cuddling sounds more enticing than venturing into the winter weather for Valentine’s Day, Denver chocolatiers will make staying in a real treat. The Mile High City features a surprising number of decadent truffles, bonbons, and candies to try, and if you’re enjoying a staycation at our Westminster or Centennial Uptown Suites locations, put chocolate sampling on your to-do list. Create a mix-and-match box of goodies at Temper Chocolates with apple butter, coconut cream, ginger, and other unexpected combinations. If you prefer delivery, Coco Gusto offers hand-painted chocolates in a variety of flavors, plus they will ship or deliver locally so you won’t even need to leave home to enjoy these special treats on Valentine’s Day. 

Homemade Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

There are plenty of Valentine’s Day gifts that can be purchased online or in stores. But you can make the day extra special with a homemade gift. Here are 9 homemade gift ideas that are sure to bring a smile to your sweetheart’s face. 

There are plenty of Valentine’s Day gifts that can be made at home and mean way more to a loved one than something you’ve purchased online or in a store. Here are 9 DIY gifts destined to bring a smile to your sweetheart’s face and make Valentine’s Day extra special. 

  1. Personalized Memory Book: Add photos, handwritten memories, and mementos from special occasions.
  2. Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards: Expressing your love and appreciation in your own crafty way means more than any store-bought card.
  3. One-of-a-Kind Love Notes: Fill notecards with sweet words and spread them throughout your home.
  4. Handpicked Flowers: Create the best Valentine’s Day bouquet right from your home garden.
  5. Edible Bouquets: Gather some strawberries, skewers, and green tape, follow this simple tutorial on how to make strawberry roses, and then whip up an amazing, tasty bouquet.
  6. DIY Coupon Book: Spoil your spouse or significant other with vouchers you create for giving a massage, doing chores, and preparing home-cooked meals. 
  7. Homemade Chocolate Fondue: Create a chocolate fondue dessert at home as a sweet gift idea that’s fun and delicious. 
  8. Heart-Shaped Cookies, Fudge, or Brownies: Get out your cookie cutter and shape all of your sweetheart’s favorite treats into hearts.
  9. Love-Song Playlist: No matter what you have planned for Valentine’s Day at home, a personalized playlist provides the perfect soundtrack for it.

We hope your celebration is extra special this year, at home or your home-away-from-home at Uptown Suites. If you and your sweetheart are interested in a stay-cation this Valentine’s Day, check out the nightly and weekly rates at our Uptown Suites locations

All of our suites include free high-speed Wi-Fi, an in-room kitchen, large TVs, and custom mattresses. Uptown Suites is a pet-friendly hotel, if you’d like to bring your furry friends along.

Everyone here at Uptown Suites wishes you a happy Valentine’s Day!