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When you’re moving to a new city, looking for an affordable vacation location, or temporarily relocating for work, you will find many housing options, but how do you choose? Whether moving stems from an emergency or it’s carefully planned, comparing an extended stay hotel’s offerings to those at a traditional hotel, short-term rental, and a corporate housing option will help you achieve the comfortable accommodations you desire. Read on to learn how Uptown Suites’ convenient locations, affordable weekly rates, and amenities can benefit any guest.

Extended Stay Hotels vs Short-Term Apartments

If your housing changes suddenly or your length of stay is unknown due to business or other variables, a furnished extended stay hotel provides an affordable, convenient solution versus a short-term apartment rental. Credit checks and application fees are not only costly, but require processing time that delays your move-in date, and a binding, non-negotiable apartment lease can further complicate any uncertain situation. Choosing Uptown Suites expedites the reservation process and the online renewal system makes extending your week- or month-long stay easy. Each suite also features studio-style furnishings included in the weekly rates so you can skip the hassle of furniture rentals or moving truck expenses. 

Extended Stay Suite vs Traditional Hotel Room

The suites at an extended stay hotel versus traditional rooms make any short-term housing situation more practical, comfortable, and manageable. Uptown Suites’ in-room amenities include a large HDTV with an expanded channel lineup, and USB charging ports, among other conveniences, but the in-room kitchen and storage are areas where standard hotel rooms cannot compare. The modern studio-style suites include counter space, shelves, and drawers for dishes, groceries, toiletries, and clothing, and a desk area for a laptop or paperwork. Every suite’s in-room kitchen features a two-burner stove, full-size refrigerator, microwave, and single-cup coffee maker, so you can avoid the disappointing, inadequate kitchenette of a standard hotel room and start and end every day with a nourishing home-cooked meal.

Corporate Housing vs Extended Stay Hotels

Extra services are one difference between corporate housing and an extended stay hotel that can influence the weekly rate. Typically, both lodging styles provide comfortable apartment-like accommodations, but corporate housing units’ all-inclusive flat rates often include additional courtesies, such as airport transfers that guests of Uptown Suites may not need. Extended stay hotels forgo these additional amenities to keep weekly rates low.

Professional Extended Stay Hotels vs Short-Term Rentals

Many people looking for short-term housing or vacation accommodations may choose an Uptown Suites extended stay hotel versus a short-term rental because of the professional staff and convenient locations.  The online reservation process at an extended stay hotel is often preferred, especially as compared to reserving a short-term rental in someone’s home via a series of phone calls or emails. You may also find the host of a private short-term rental is less professional than a trained hotel manager, asking prying or unprofessional questions, or disappearing completely when a problem arises. Short-term rentals are also often located in residential areas, far from attractions, business parks, and public transportation, while extended stay hotels are situated in areas business travelers and vacation guests are more likely to frequent.

Uptown Suites offers extended stay apartment-style accommodations at affordable rates to satisfy any business traveler or vacationer. Our suites are a comfortable alternative to a traditional hotel, short-term rental, or corporate housing, and the property locations are convenient to shopping, public transportation, and attractions. Whether you stay for a week, month, or longer, you’ll find our property and room amenities provide everything you need to make yourself at home.

Are extended stay hotels cheaper than apartments?

The daily rate at an extended stay hotel is difficult to compare one-to-one with an apartment, but the moving fees, furniture rentals, utility transfers, and security deposits of an apartment are not reflected in the monthly cost to lease it. The ease of an Uptown Suites room with Wi-Fi, utilities, and furnishings included in the weekly rate can offset many upfront expenses to make an extended stay hotel a more affordable option.