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Denver Skyline and Mountains Beyond LakeNew To The Community

There are many new and exciting things coming to Denver including two new Uptown Suites Extended Stay properties. Centennial and Westminster will be home to the new locations, scheduled to open in March/April. Uptown Suites is not your average hotel, it’s an extended stay hotel offering low rates and spacious, comfortable rooms for guests in need of long term lodging. 

Also up-and-coming in Denver is the Westminster Station Transit Oriented Development project. This project is underway, adding 75 acres of mixed-use metro neighborhood including retail, residential, and office space. The new development will result in huge growth for the area.

Transportation improvements and road widenings will also be made on main highways and routes including I-25, US 36, and I-270. The improvements in the transportation will greatly impact travel for Denver residents.

With all of the new construction projects, construction workers from out of town will be brought in over the next year or so until construction is completed. Uptown Suites’ long term availability and low rates make Uptown a great housing solution for out-of-town construction workers.

There are a wide variety of guests who use extended stay hotels. We’ve put together a list for you explaining how extended stay hotels are used and the benefits of staying at an extended stay hotel like Uptown Suites.

Temporary Housing

Individuals or families may need temporary housing when relocating to a new city or being displaced due to a natural disaster. Extended stay hotels, like Uptown Suites, provide larger apartment-style rooms with in-room kitchens and storage. In-room kitchens make cooking for a family practical and affordable when out-of-town for an extended amount of time. The extra storage provides plenty of space for extra luggage or personal items needed for a long term stay.

Business Travel

Someone filling a temporary out-of-town job position or interviewing for a new job opportunity in Denver may find staying at one of our extended stay hotels more convenient. Uptown Suites’ business amenities include an in-room desk and workspace, Free Wifi, as well as on-demand printing at our front office.

Uptown Suites offers a corporate housing partner program that can be utilized for Denver corporate businesses like DISH network, Western Union, and Arrow Electronics. We offer corporate accounts that make travel and lodging convenient and comfortable for employees visiting Denver. Account set-up is easy with no room deposits or credit cards required and invoices sent weekly.

Military Personnel & Families

Active service men, women, and recruits may also benefit from staying at an extended stay hotel like Uptown Suites. Uptown Suites has two Denver properties coming soon that are conveniently located near Buckley Air Force Base, US Army Department, US Army Reserve Training Center, US Defense Department, and the Colorado Army National Guard. Travel and lodging for temporary assignments, training, and visiting family become hassle-free when you stay at an extended stay hotel just a few miles away.