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Time is precious, and the free time you do have, you probably don’t want to be spending it running errands including grocery shopping. That’s why we love Shipt Delivery app! Shipt Delivery takes one more mundane errand off your to-do list and saves you time!

What’s Shipt Delivery?

Shipt Deliver is a mobile app that allows you to place a grocery order from your favorite local grocery store or big box store and have it delivered. It’s THAT simple. 

Once you download the app you’ll enter your location, select which store you’d like to order from, and your personal shopper (Shipt shopper) will make your purchases for you. After they have gotten everything on your list, they will hand-deliver it to your door, even if you’re staying at Uptown Suites.

What stores are available on Shipt?

Shipt is partnered with many national retailers and local grocery stores to bring you what your grocery needs. To find out what stores are available, simply enter your location.

How does my Shipt shopper know what I want?

You’ll select the store you want your Shipt shopper to shop from. Then you’ll search for and add items to your list. 

If the store is out of something you choose, your Shipt shopper will message you with an alternative choice. 

The same goes for leaving something off your list. If you forgot to add something to your list, just message your Shipt shopper and they will add it for you. Your Shipt shopper is truly YOUR personal shopper.

What’s the cost of convenience?

With Shipt Delivery you’ll get a 2-week trial for free! After your trial is over there is a small monthly membership fee of $14/per month. There is also a delivery fee of about $7 if you spend less than $35 but, if you spend $35 or more your delivery is free!

Another convenience in using the Shipt Delivery app is the ability to maintain social distancing during the global COVID-19 outbreak.

How quickly with Shipt deliver and where will Shipt deliver?

Once you’ve placed your order, your Shipt shopper will deliver within an hour of the scheduled time you choose. Shipt Delivery app is available to use as long as the store you shop from is open.

Your Shipt shopper will deliver all your goods directly to your front door. If you’re staying at one of our extended stay hotels, they will deliver right to your room.

Download the app and start your grocery order today!